Become a cellar on

How to get involved
  1. Hit the link and set up your vendor profile.
  2. Once approved, follow the instructions and set up your automatic payment system via Stripe.
  3. Fill in the CSV spreadsheet with your products and prices.
  4. Approve your cellar once we set it up.
  5. Start Selling: make money selling luxury wine and spirits all over Australia
We already have some of your peers tapping into this marketplace and taking full advantage of the way we drive luxury consumers to visit your cellar and buy your products.
Some of our key statistics already
  • Commerce Conversion Rate - 5.39% orders per 100 site visits
  • Average Order Value - $730.66
  • Average Session Duration 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • A Bounce Rate of only 9.95%
  • Email Database of +2000 fully engaged high-end consumers
What your peers are already seeing
  • Sales by State - number of orders per month
  • 90% of Cellars are based in Victoria currently
  • Example of one cellar over the last 2 months
What we do to drive your sales

  • Email Campaigns to our database.
  • SMS campaigns to our database.
  • Social media +20,000 reach per month.
  • All customer service and follow up communication with consumers.
  • Fully reconciled payments into your account every Friday.

2008 Penfolds Grange - One of the best!

The History of Penfolds Grange - Bin 95